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Daily Bull 4.8.16

"I'm lonely, but I can't afford the luxury
Of having one I love to come along
She'd only slow me down, and they'd catch up with me
For he who travels fastest goes alone"
- Merle Haggard

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

WAIT I THOUGHT WE ALREADY KNEW THIS. How's about press releases for when Speedy Noil is NOT suspended? The incredibly talented, often troubled wide receiver is confirmed to be suspended for the opener against UCLA. Noil was in the middle of a two game suspension anyway that started with the bowl game. I reckon if his behavior stayed clean then Sumlin was going to let him play against UCLA? No matter. Speedy was arrested for something silly on Friday. I really really want to see this kid figure it out and live up to his potential. When he's in rhythm he glides around the field and snatches balls out of the air like a Venus flytrap. The kid was born to play this game.

GRIZZLY MAZZONE. Newly hired OC Noel Mazzone spoke with the beat writing lackeys yesterday after practice. He talked about beef jerky seasoning, the type of leather he likes to gnaw on when having his gangrene chopped off, and war manifestos. After that, he spoke about the offense. He's a big fan of the talent he inherited. Most importantly, he seems to be settling back into the SEC while understanding whiny, persnickety Aggie sensibilities. He spoke of running the ball! HELL YES.

HERE'S YOUR HOOPS CARROT. A new Bracketology was released on ESPN for the 2016-2017 season. You see, ESPN won't sleep until your eyeballs are literally welded to their advertisers (bleached) assholes. Also, Joe Lunardi's lap dances aren't free. Click, won't you? The Ags are a 5 seed. Nothing bad ever happens to 5 seeds.

ALRIGHT, BEISBOL. YOU'RE HOME NOW. The baseball team is on a gnarly little four game skid after trips to Florida and Rice. The bats are back home to host a pretty ho-hum Georgia Bulldogs squad. If you're in the vicinity, get your keyster over to Blue Bell. Here are the deets:

Friday 6:30 PM SEC Network +
Saturday 1:00 PM SEC Network +
Sunday 1:00 PM SEC Network +

Have a deluxe weekend, you guys.