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Daily Bull 4.28.16

"He's slicker than a bald-tired semi on a mile of wet asphalt"
- Waylon Jennings

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

PROFESSIONAL #INDUSTRY DAY. Tonight kicks off the 2016 NFL Draft. By now, you've been sufficiently inundated with convicted TAEKS of "upside", "gets it", "can't cook" (seriously), "gym rat", "film room junkie", and the like. There have been countless mock drafts. My GOD are there mock drafts.

The NFL has done a diabolical job turning their off season into a show that, in many ways, is bigger than the actual season. Off-field ISSUES. DRAFTS. OTAs. GOODELL PUNISHMENTS. It's never ending. College football has a bit of this too, of course. We have National Signing Day.

There is an entire underbelly of passionate fans and #industry pros that like the BUSINESS of scouting and football more than actual football. Strange, right? There are GRINDERS out there who get more satisfaction when their team wins a recruiting battle than an actual game. These same boobs often think that A&M and Texas shouldn't compete in actual football.

Tonight is a debutante ball for these weirdos. The Kipers and the McShays. Drafts are fun, of course, if you're a diehard college football fan. Watch in delight as extremely wealthy NFL numbskulls talk themselves into Christian Hackenberg (hi, Houston!).

IMPORTANT. GBH gives you the mock draft you need, but not the one you want.

BUILDING FOR THE OLYMPIAD. I'm not a fan of track and field. Running is the punishment for every sport I love. That said, I like all the nattys that A&M's track and field teams bring home. Evidently, A&M had poor track and field facilities. News to me. Well the lithe, speedy runners, as well as the softball team, are getting shiny new digs. Good for them. Next order of business - implode Reed Arena and build a gym.

UH OH BUSTS. A&M is churning out a lot of NFL talent these days. This is a very good thing. This did not happen hardly at all under Fran. Little problem - a number of our guys aren't panning out at the next level.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHNNY GOLF. If this man can make it to 50, you can have that extra cig and Cutty Sark. Live large.