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Ulric Maligi named Texas A&M Basketball Assistant Coach

Texas A&M formally announced the newest addition to their basketball staff today

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Y'all, we got a good one.

Maligi is a proven recruiter with strong Texas ties, and he should go a long way towards filling the void left by recent departure Kyle Keller. Maligi spent time as an assistant at UTA, SFA, UH, and SMU, and most recently served as the national scouting director for John Lucas Enterprises.

Fun fact: He also coached former A&M star Donald Sloan on the AAU circuit. From the official release:

(...) from 2003 to 2006, Maligi served as head coach of the Dallas Mustangs AAU program. During his stint, the program saw more than 50 of its players sign scholarships with NCAA Division I teams, including High School All-Americans Byron Eaton (Oklahoma State), Anthony Randolph (LSU), Wesley Johnson of the Los Angeles Clippers (Syracuse), and Donald Sloan of the Brooklyn Nets (Texas A&M). He also coached Austin Jackson of the Chicago White Sox and Michael Crabtree of the Oakland Raiders.

Kudos to Coach Kennedy for a solid hire. Texas A&M still has one staff position remaining, with long-time Stansbury assistant Robert Kirby among the favorites for the second spot.

If we nail that second hire as well, this program will be well positioned for a solid season next year.

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