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Daily Bull 4.14.16

"'Cause I'm panhandlin' manhanlin'
Post holin' high rollin' dust bowlin' Daddy
I ain't got no blood in my veins
I just got them four lanes
Of hard Amarillo Highway"
- Terry Allen

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

STRINGY FEELS. You've probably already read it and cried and shared with your loved ones, but read it again. That's right.I'm talking about our pal stringsays' great piece about his son and the Aggie Network coming together. Mighty fine Good Bull all around. Gig 'em, fam.

BEISBOL FAM. Watch this fun lil clip on A&M baseball's Boomer White always wanting to be an Aggie.


THIS IS THE ONLY SPRING FOOTBALL ARTICLE YOU NEED. And it is about the Texas Longhorns. Here's the deal though, our beat writers (and team!) are guilty of many of the same things. Hell, like clockwork, the A&M beat writers churn out an October 1 College Football Playoff projection puff piece. Then we play Alabama. Fun!

Say a prayer for Johnny. These are the actions and consequences of a person who is sick.