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Daily Bull 4.1.16

"Oh fool, you're fooling yourself
Don't you know that closing time will tell
And if you think you're fooling anybody else
Oh fool, you're fooling yourself"
- Jack Ingram

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

HARF HARF HARF APRIL FOOLS' LET'S GO SEE BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. Ah, April Fools'. The Big Bang Theory of days. People who revel in April Fools' also enjoy the following:

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HELL YES FOOTBAW. The Texas A&M football team is playing a scrimmage at the Hate Barn in the latest installment of Friday Night Lights. The team will try to get in about 100 snaps or so. Fans will get to see Trevor Knight and Hubenak run reps with the ones. We're five gotdamn hellish months from UCLA, so let's see what we've got.

CROOTS ROLLIN DEEP. There will be a shitload of prized recruits on the sidelines tonight. The football program kindly asks that your soft cooing, gratuitous fawning, and questionable gifts wait until after the scrimmage. This message is primarily directed at the TexAgs recruiting staff. Desperation is not a good look. Leave the cameras and berets at home this time, filmmakers.

HOOO BOY BEISBOL. Your Number 1 Fightin' Texas Aggie baseball team is on the road this weekend to take on the Number 2 team in all the land - the Florida Gators. This is the big time. Here's how you can tune in:

Friday 6:00 PM SEC Network +
Saturday 6:30 PM ESPNU
Sunday 1:00 PM ESPNU

Have a great weekend, you guys. Hugs.