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Daily Bull 3.4.16

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I CAN DIG. The beisbol team hosts Yale this weekend (NERDS) over at Blue Bell Park. If you'll recall, George Bush Sr. was a Yale man, and the baseballers will honor him with these unis:

The fans can help honor other Yale men by starting secret societies (hey, Ags like those too!), getting cush investment banking jobs with a philosophy degree, inflating their grades, tsk tsking poors, and running the Federal Reserve.

OK, Yale. We'll show you how to play baseball if you show us how to do campus architecture properly. Capiche?

SUMLIN SPEAKING UP. Coach Sumlin spoke at the Advocates for Athletic Equality (formerly Black Coaches Association) in Indianapolis about minority coaching gigs in college football. Sumlin always has compelling things to say on this subject and noted how the NFL is an easier road than Power 5 college football jobs for black men. I'm happy that Coach Sumlin and Charlie Strong are leading the two premier programs in the State of Texas. First and foremost, because they're extremely qualified and earned their respective jobs for simply being great coaches. Second, because this is all long overdue in an arena that is supposed to be the purest meritocracy (unlike Yale!) - competitive sports.

HOOPS REMINDER. Conference 'ship on the line. Get loose. Get weird. 11 AM Saturday vs. Vandy. ESPN2 if you can't make it - this is big time.

KEEP EZ GREAT AGAIN. Favorite of GBH, Uzoma Nwachukwu was doing his civic duty last night watching the GOP Debate and learning more about the candidates. His observations are important:

Uh, pretty thrilled A&M doesn't have to claim this Ivy Leaguer as well.

Awkward daps and fist bumps... like a GBH real life tailgate.

Have a great weekend, y'all.