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Daily Bull 3.31.16

"We all gonna bust loose one of these days
We all got to stay loose, come what may
We all wanna cut loose on payday
We ain't ever gonna break loose of these rock and roll ways"
- Ray Wylie Hubbard

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

SHE'S A BRICK! HOUSE! Aggieland's own J.R. Smith - Mister Danuel House - will be firing off bombs tonight in the State Farm 3-Point Championship in Houston. This is a nice recognition and bow on what has been a damn fine college career for House. I expect House to either hit 10% or 90% of his shots. Let 'em rip, Danuel.

PLEASE GOD GIVE US A COHERENT RUN GAME. I hope you're sitting down because this will be a shock. A college football program is letting the press know in March that they hope to be able to run the football this upcoming season. DISRUPTIVE THINKING. Seriously though - I dunno why, but I have a great feeling about Mazzone and Turner executing a quick turnaround and churning out some legitimate results on the ground. I don't need to tell you this, but the A&M offensive line has been softer than a sniffling Ivy League safe-spacer allergic to peanuts. Mazzone and Turner are GRIZZLED. We aren't going to turn the corner as a program until we stop getting our asses thoroughly kicked in the trenches. Thanks and gig 'em.

HOW DO YOU MEASURE YOURSELF AGAINST OTHER GOLFERS? That faint sound of grown men in conch belts cooing can only mean one thing - it's Masters season. There's some Callaway House Ag named Hamilton working on his hip turn at Traditions right NOW. The Masters is next week. This week? Shell Open. Houston. Some fella named Tripp Winchester from Memorial is going to wear golf spikes as a spectator at the tournament. "VIP access to the tents, man. Only way to do it. Expense that Uber home to the company. C'mon. There are divorcees at the Michelob Ultra tent."

Yes, Tripp is playing 'dress-up' to a golf tournament. Pretending like he is a pro. Tripp was last seen at Rodeo Houston a couple weeks ago playing dress up as a cowboy and drunkenly backing his Ford F-250 King Ranch over a flower bed in River Oaks on his way home.

The metrics of status and success for Houstonians are very, very stupid.

Anyway! Read up on the Ags playing in the Shell Houston Open.

REAL GOOD. I enjoyed this podcast hosted by Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel. They interviewed Coach Sumlin and covered a ton of ground from X's and O's to Manziel to the trajectory of the program. Dive in.