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2016 NCAA Tournament: Oklahoma defeats Texas A&M 77-63

Aside from an early run, Texas A&M never really threatened. Oklahoma was clearly the better team today.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Kudos to Oklahoma, they were the better team today.

Here are some quick hits from tonight's game.


Rotation Woes

We strayed from our principal rotation early, and it cost us. An early 13-6 run gave us all hope, but House/Jones/Caruso immediately came out. That was the primer for a huge OU run that we could never quite turn around.

We typically pull Davis early, sure, but we are usually really careful with the way we rotate that Jones/House/Caruso group. It was an odd time to get creative.


We couldn't hit anything from downtown, but we didn't let that stop us from trying.

The Aggies repeatedly bombed away from deep, and Oklahoma routinely used long rebounds to break on the other end. Oklahoma loves to play fast, so we were playing right into their hands.

The strategy tonight should have been a slow, focused, interior effort. We dabbled with this approach early in the second half, but we couldn't hit our resulting free throws.

Not a great night from the offense.

It wasn't meant to be

We hustled and pressed to try to close the game... and none of it worked this time. We were a half step off, we were called for questionable fouls, and we weren't getting the bounces we needed.

It's almost as if we used a lifetime of goodwill in the Northern Iowa miracle comeback.


Losing sucks, and ending the season sucks. But try to keep the overall campaign in perspective.

We did some great things this year, Ags. Stay tuned for some end of season content over the coming week.

BTHO Everyone