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Play-by-play video of Texas A&M Basketball's comeback

A lot can happen in 44 seconds.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

There are 45 seconds left. We're losing by twelve points. We manage to score again, but all hope is still absent. Time to check social media.

This still probably won't happen, right?

Hmm. Well, gosh...that's nice of them to make a bad play like that but still, lots of time...

Wow. That's pretty bad, UNI. You're still gonna win, but come on.

Twenty seconds, but we're down by six. I's theoretically possible but we'll screw this up someh---WHAT

WELP, nevermind. This is why we can't have nice things like optimism and happiness:

This is about as good as we could hope for, right? I mean, still not enough but at least in theory we may have a shot and oh did you know he used to be a ball boy yeah it's incredible

But seriously. Good effort. We tried really hard but we'd need an absolute miracle to pull it off now all they have to do is not do something incredibly awful and