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Texas A&M Senior Week: Part One (Collins, Dobbins, Aparicio)

Part one of a series honoring our outgoing Texas A&M seniors ahead of this weekend's Senior Day

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M has an astounding six seniors slated to play their last home game at Reed Arena this Saturday, and we'd like to try to give them all a proper GBH sendoff ahead of this weekend's swan song.

Without further adieu, here's part one: Collins and the walk-ons


Juan Aparicio (6'4" Guard)

Juan is a member of the lovable group of victory cigar walkons - a group that punctuates big A&M wins with a few minutes of playing time. He appeared in ten games this year, notched a couple of trillions, and hit a three pointer against Georgia to push our lead from 28 to 31. You can never be too careful.

For real, though... walk-ons are awesome, and they are an integral part of the basketball program. Kudos for all of your hard work this year, and here's hoping you get to see the floor this Saturday.

Kyle Dobbins (6'1" Guard)

Dobbins, quite simply, is the king of our walkons. The crowd favorite has been here all four years, logging a total of 32 appearances during his time on campus.

Let's list our favorite things about this treasure of a person.

1) His "hold the bench back" reaction to a Baylor air ball

Making fun of Baylor is a cheat code into our hearts, and we embrace it openly.

2) When he scored against Auburn last year everybody loved it forever

If you were to splice this against this year's Kentucky reaction, I'm not sure you'd see much difference.

3) He saved the College Gameday set from certain destruction

4) He was MVP of this season's game against TAMU-CC

Whoever slyly embedded "keeps it 100" into that infographic needs a raise.

He's the overall bench cheerleader, an incredibly high energy guy, and someone certainly worthy of a proper send-off this weekend. If he scores on Saturday, the crowd reaction is going to be fantastic.

Anthony Collins (6'1" Guard)

Collins, a grad student transfer from USF, has been a really important stabilizing force this season. We had five outgoing transfers, three at the guard position, and this season would not have been possible without his arrival.

He averaged 4.8 points and 4.6 assists for the Aggies this season, along with a deadly 47.8% accuracy from long range. It's not the type of shot you can run plays for (as he doesn't elevate), but he can make you pay if you leave him alone.

The majority of his contributions, however, come via ball handling and vision. He has proven time and time again that he'll make the right pass, and he has etched himself in the "crunch time" five with Davis, Caruso, House, and Jones.

If Saturday goes well, he's going to be remembered as a huge piece of the puzzle.


That's it for part one. Stay tuned for House, Jones, and Caruso later in the week.

BTHO Vandy