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Daily Bull 3.18.16

"The first pub we could stagger to was twelve steps from the plane
A Virgin flight to Shannontown the day it didn't rain
The laughing eyes of Ireland sparkling blue and green
With hair as black as Guinness stout and barely seventeen

We're back out on the cobblestones
Whiskey drunk and high again
Liquored up and gearing up for seven nights in Ireland"
- Reckless Kelly

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Gang, hooooooooooooo, gang. It's motherscratchin March Madness GAMEDAY. Think back, won't you? Turgeon leaving. CBIs. NITs. WTFs. SOFT BASKETBALL.

Not this bunch. Not this season. We've got a squad of incredibly likable guys. Talented guys. Seniors who've walked through the desert together. Freshman oozing skill, athleticism, and a general naivete that will serve them well in March.

Enjoy this day. Enjoy this team. Beat the hell outta Green Bay.


Time Favorite Spread Dog
11:15 Dayton 1.0 Syracuse
11:40 Villanova 17.5 UNC-Asheville
12:30 VCU 4.5 Oregon State
1:00 California 7.0 Hawaii
1:45 Michigan State 18.0 Middle Tennessee
2:10 Iowa 7.5 Temple
3:00 Oklahoma 14.0 Cal State Bakersfield
3:30 Maryland 9.5 South Dakota State
5:50 Wisconsin 2.0 Pittsburgh
6:10 West Virginia 7.5 Stephen F. Austin
6:20 Texas A&M 13.0 Green Bay
6:27 Oregon 23.0 Holy Cross
8:20 Xavier 13.0 Weber State
8:40 Notre Dame 3.5 Michigan
8:50 Texas 4.5 Northern Iowa
8:57 Cincinnati 1.5 Saint Joseph's

Ags are on TBS, for what it's worth. Keep the dial tuned to GBH for plenty of hoops coverage.

BEISBOL TIME. Fresh off their dramatic ass kicking of Texas, the Aggie baseball team is off to Auburn to kick off conference play. The three game set can be found on the SEC Network +.

THE HELL IS THIS SHIT. I can't believe the Dallas Morning News paid someone for this.