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Daily Bull 3.14.16: Welcome Coach Gary Busey

I'll tell you this: You have to remember to chase and catch your dreams, because if you don't, your imagination will live in empty spaces, and that's nowhere land.
--Gary Busey

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

HOO BOY ARE YA READY TO DANCE. Remember that NCAA Tourney thing? With the brackets and the non-stop basketball and all that noise? The Ags are in, as a three seed, with the distinct possibility of playing you-know-who if we can get past Green Bay. Favre is old and they don't do well indoors so I like our chances. Of course, it would be very us to tank just to avoid Texas 'cuz WE DON'T NEED 'EM WE'VE MOVED ON STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM. Get your full NCAA tourney scoop here. Coach Blair and the WBB'ers will discover their fate tonight.

IMPACTION. The field is set, now everyone's scrambling to find out who to watch. Number Fire has put together a list of seven players who can make a big difference defensively and yep you guessed it Alex Caruso is on there for his legendary penchant for thievery. He's got one of the best steal percentages in the entire tourney and now you know that's a thing.

BUSEY AIN'T WRASSLED NOBODYYY. Folks, sit tight: there is a lot to digest here. The 1980s were a magical time for film. Men like Gary Busey were sought out for the energy and enthusiasm they brought to their roles. We now know this was just cocaine, but at the time he seemed like the best choice for roles such as Buddy Holly, or...Bear Bryant. This is a wonderful breakdown of some behind-the-scenes magic that occurred during the filming of this cinematic treasure. Do you think Leo consulted Gary for the filming of The Revenant? Course not. Would his experience and Hugh Glass character have been richer had he chosen to do so? Damn right.