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Texas A&M defeats LSU 71-38 to Advance to SEC Basketball Tourney Final

What a performance.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There is dominance, and then there is the sort of smothering, driven, and inspired performance we saw today. After trading blows for the first few minutes, Billy Kennedy's boys pulled away in the second portion of the first half with dominant defense, efficient offense, and intense focus. In short, they did this:

Thanks, Jimmy. Good game plan.

Who played well?

EVERYONE BASICALLY. Trocha-Morelos led all scorers off the bench with 13. He hit on three of six from downtown. Jones had 12. Gilder had 10 off the bench. Davis had 3 blocks. Ben Simmons, the best player in all of basketball, had 10 points. Kyle Dobbins got on the scoresheet. The Ags put on a clinic in front of a national audience and held the #4 seed to 38 total points.

Now what?

Well, we wait to see who we'll play in tomorrow's final. It will be either Georgia or Kentucky, who are in progress right now. Then tomorrow night is Selection Sunday. Stay tuned here for more details.