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Preview/GameThread: Texas A&M vs. LSU - SEC Tournament Semifinals

#1 seed Texas A&M battles an LSU squad struggling to find their late season identity. (Noon; ESPN)

Look at us, throwing words like "SEC Tournament Semifinals" around like we're members of the old guard.

The truth, as we're all aware, is that we are definitively not members of the old guard when it comes to SEC Basketball. We have that weird, new money smell... where you lease a BMW and try to sell it the next day because you don't know how money or cars work.

That's us. We don't "fit" in any conversations among the basketball elite, people aren't used to seeing us at the top, and we frankly couldn't give two shits. It may be our first trip to the SEC semifinals, sure, but we're gonna try our damnedest to act (and play) like we've been there before.


We've seen these guys twice this season, with each squad winning at home. When it comes to detailed analysis re: squad matchups and individual strengths and weaknesses, there's really not much to hit that we haven't covered before.

The preview for round one College Station can be found here.

The preview for the rematch in Baton Rouge can be found here.