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Daily Bull 3.11.16

Kill that goddamn gator.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

HANG TIME. Who's ready for some BALL? I've watched a lot of Kansas basketball over the years. I've watched the Jayhawks make a very good basketball league their bitch. Here's what great basketball teams do:

  1. Morph into a boa constrictor with a lunch pail in the regular season and eliminate their opponents' will to live. Methodical. Suffocating. Deliberate. Conference 'ship = won.
  2. Turn into a diamond buzzsaw on the front of a Ferrari during the conference tourney. It's showtime. Lay waste in three short days to those dumb motherfuckers in your league who thought they had a glimmer of hope for the auto-bid. Fools.

This is what I want to see out of the Ags. Put on a show. Run today's inferior opponent out of the gym and back to their shitty ass existence in central Florida. Florida without a beach might as well be 'Nam without the charm and good food.

Stay tuned to GBH. We'll have your roundball coverage loaded up.

UNFORTUNATE. The Johnny Manziel era in Cleveland is finally over. I had hopes when Johnny got drafted by the Browns that he would be the one to break the Cleveland curse and bring that sad city some success. We all know how it has unfolded. It's tough to say what Johnny's prospects are now. My gut tells me that demand for his services (unproven) and his personality (radioactive) is much softer than he realizes. In my humble opinion, Johnny Manziel has life issues to sort through that are much more important and pressing than football.

BEISBOL. The baseball team opens up a home set against Fresno State tonight. Here are the deets:

Friday 6:30 PM SEC Network +
Saturday 2:00 PM SEC Network +
Sunday 1:00 PM SEC Network +

Have a great weekend, y'all. BTHO Florida.