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Daily Bull 3.10.16

"Don't you think this outlaw bit's done got out of hand
What started out to be a joke the law don't understand
Was it singing through my nose that got me busted by the man
Maybe this here outlaw bit's done got out of hand out of hand"
- Waylon

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

HOOPS COMIN'. Sure is bizarre and out of sorts not having Billy Kennedy and the lads playing in the first two days of the SEC Tournament in Nashville. You recall, going through the motions, hoping to die, praying they get to dodge the NIT or CBI all together. Thrilling stuff.

NOT the 2016 squad. This pride of hoop lions is resting peacefully in the brush. Waiting patiently for their opportunity to DESTROY. That time comes tomorrow. Who will be the prey? We find out today. Tune in today to see who the Ags get on Friday:

Florida vs. Arkansas | Noon | SEC Network

YOU CALL THIS A STORM? Baseball was scheduled to wrap up their two game set against Northwestern State last night. Not happenin'. We're gettin' slammed by rain down here, so the game was cancelled - no makeup. The beisbol bats will gear up for a home set against Fresno State this weekend.

THE STORY YOU NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED. Dr. Norris Camacho is my GUY. Boy, can he spin a yarn. Such poise. Such command of the language! SUCH IMAGERY. Do yourself a favor and read The Legend of Paul Blake.

GOOD BULL, DODGE, REAL GOOD BULL. Fan favorite former linebacker Mark Dodge is doing triathlons and raising funds for a cause called Save the Children (nice branding).