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The Daily Bull thinks Von Miller is today's MVP too

"Hey, man... That suit is YOU!"
-Von Halen

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

ALL HAIL VON MILLER THE KING OF THE NFL. He dances in ways that invoke reactions that trace their ways to our society's Puritanical roots. He wears whatever the hell he wants, and often appears garish and comical and doesn't mind one bit. He will sack a quarterback at the grocery store while looking at cheese. And yesterday he was the most valuable player in the biggest football game of the year. But he's more than a spectacular football player. Von has long flaunted his  pride in Texas A&M every chance he gets. He's flashing Gig 'Ems in countless photos and singing the praises of Aggieland in interviews. Here he is dousing fellow Aggie Gary Kubiak with Gatorade.

More importantly yet, Von is a caring human. He took the opportunity last night to send out some much-needed words of encouragement to Johnny Manziel in the midst of Mr. Football's darkest period to date. This goes beyond the solidarity of the two greatest Aggie legends of the past decade. It reminds us that the entities behind those social media fronts and savage, glaring headlines, perpetually damned in the court of public opinion, are still just people too: people who need help and kind words at times.


Texas A&M Football and OL coach Dave Christensen have parted ways. This seems to have been another curious failed experiment. What he lacked in charm and charisma he was supposed to make up for in #toughness and #grit. His unit was supposed to be a pack of ugly slobberknockers. We saw how that worked out. So it's back to the dry-erase board and be sure to bleach and squeegee it or something because all that built-up marker residue makes it nearly impossible to write at this point.

If you weren't around yesterday...Read this, please.