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Daily Bull 2.6.16: another BBQ poll

BTHO cocks.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

SAKERLINA IN COLLEGE STATION. Huge game for the Aggies and for most people in the SEC to watch. South Carolina ranks in the top of the SEC Basketball rankings (lol SEC Basketball rankings) so this sold out game should be rockin'. Even after a disappointing loss to Vandy, the Ags look good to pull a head in this one. The most disappointing thing is that this game is on ESPNU, the channel that's not included in a lot of sports packages, so find yourself at a bar at 3 PM if you can't get to Reed.

IS THERE MORE SEC BASKETBALL THIS WEEKEND? You bet your biscuits there is.

  • Mizzou at Alabama, 2 PM on the SEC Network
  • Florida at UK, 3 PM on CBS
  • Auburn at Georgia, 4:30 PM on the SEC Network
  • Miss State at LSU, 5 PM on ESPN2
  • UT at Arky, 7 PM on the SEC Network
  • Vandy at Ole Miss, 7 PM on ESPNU