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Daily Bull 2.5.2016

"Fightin' the Nashville Blues ain't fun no
It takes it's toll upon your mind
But all the great ones have been there too
And they're all fightin' the Nashville Blues
Fightin' the Nashville Blues..."
- Cory Morrow

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

NASHVEGAS SLAUGHTERIN'. Ugly, ugly night in Music City for the men's hoopers. The Ags went down to the Dores 77-60 in a game that was never close. You shred the game tape on these nights and move forward. Fortunately, another great test looms with the South Carolina Cocks coming to Reed on Saturday. Be loud, y'all. Let's put a death grip on this league.

SANE CROOTIN' 'NALYSIS. Our man mattywatty examines the 2016 football recruiting class. Who are the potential stars? Do my parents really love me? Where are my pants? Life, man.

OH, TECH. Y'ALL MAKE IT SO EASY SOMETIMES. Become a welder next time.