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Brandon Jones Commits To Texas Despite TexAgs Documentary About Him

Et tu, Brande?


Hubris, in Greek tragedy, is defined as"excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis." So when popular Texas A&M website used their considerable resources this year to produce a high-quality film about one recruit, a top target for Texas A&M's 2016 class, the stage was set. On An Island: Being Brandon Jones documents the recruiting process of one of the Aggies' biggest targets, the top Texas safety and ESPN 300 #49 overall recruit Brandon Jones.

The best part is the huge plot twist at the end.

You can view the free trailer for the film here, but if you want to watch the full feature you will need TexAgs Premium access to watch it here. While the folks at TexAgs know as well as anyone that no recruit is a lock until the LOI is faxed in, this inspiring drama of hope and redemption will unfortunately be billed as a tragedy when it hits Netflix. Except in Austin, where it is probably a comedy.

Fortunately, there is a great tag line for the movie poster taken straight from the trailer:

He's gonna have to tell everybody no. Except for one.