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Preview/GameThread: #21 Texas A&M at Missouri

The Aggies (10-5) hit the road, where they've lost their last four. Last place Mizzou (3-15) might provide the road remedy they sorely need (3:00pm; ESPNU).

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Pack up, Ags. It's time to hit the road. But fear not, because it's not a very daunting road trip.


The two worst teams in the SEC (Mizzou and Auburn) await, which is about all you can ask for when you haven't won a road game in six weeks.

The first #BusinessTrip starts today, when Texas A&M heads to Columbia to face last-place Mizzou.

Let's break it down.


Part Two: This time it's Daviser

Yes, it's a rematch. Yes Tyler Davis was out with an injury during part one. And yes.... that headline is terrible.

No matter. We defeated Mizzou by thirteen with a shorthanded frontline, and everyone appears to be healthy heading into today's matchup.

Mizzou is undersized and outmanned down low. We should control the boards with ease.

Addition by subtraction

Two weeks ago, starter Wes Clark left the team amidst a 1-13 start to conference play... and the Tigers responded with back to back home wins over Tennessee and South Carolina. They've lost two road games since then, but they've looked much more competitive since Clark left the program.

Like many Aggies, I am confused by the idea of removing a troublesome character mid-season... but apparently it's possible. It must be a basketball-specific rule or something.

Feed the ball down low

There's really only one way Mizzou can stay in this game: an ice cold shooting night from an A&M squad that doesn't attack the rim. If we look for Davis and Jones down low and slash with Gilder and House, we'll be fine. If we try to win a three point contest... this afternoon could get tricky.

Keep it simple, pound the ball down low where you have an obvious advantage, and get outta dodge.

BTHO Mizzou