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Daily Bull 2.26.16

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

BRACKET. BUBBLES. BEETS. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. It's that time of year, gang. Most of the SEC is in spring football mode (per usual), but a few of us have hoops aspirations extending into March. Team Speed Kills takes a look at the SEC Tournament Bracket and how that might unfold.


A&M at Mizzou | 3 PM Central | ESPNU

Don't make this harder than it needs to be. Roll into town, beat the piss out of an inferior opponent, and get the F outta Dodge. #BusinessTrip

SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND BALLER. The beisbol team is in Malibu this weekend (must be nice) to take on Pepperdine. We'll get you squared away here at GBH with what to watch for - pretty sure this is all on some form of TV [too lazy to look].

AWWW YEAH KIDS SPRING BREAK. Funneling warm beer and tequila. Feebly trying to court coeds. Making friends with the federales and/or South Padre's finest? LOSING YOUR DIGNITY IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. SPRING BREAK! EDSBS looks at Jim Harbaugh's spring break itinerary. It's wonderful.

And because it's Oscar season... I share with you, The Hater's Guide to the Oscars.