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Daily Bull 2.25.16

"There ain't a lot that you can do in this town
You drive down to the lake and then you turn back around
You go to school and you learn to read and write
So you can walk into the county bank and sign away your life"
- Steve Earle

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

ROLL TIDE WHAT'S A TIGHT END. Aggieland has been a Bermuda Triangle for the tight end position since....? Martellus? Shit. And even then, he had to play through the engine governor that was Fran. TE Jordan Davis has elected to transfer from A&M and announced yesterday via Tweet:

The Ags will have to find a way to replace his two catches for seven yards. Best of luck, Jordan. Not entirely your fault that your skill set is chopsticks and we're serving porridge.

OH SEC HOOPS YOU CRUEL WENCH. The Ags narrowly escaped with an ugly home win against Mississippi State. The game had the feel of a hangover after the Kentucky W. Game was sparsely attended (kind of embarrassing, imho) and we were left fighting bulldogs whilst smelling of Kentucky bourbon. So yeah, normal hangover.

MATTHEWS U. Another man-child from the Matthews lineage committed to A&M this week. I must say, it's so nice how drama-free linemen are for the most part. So long as you can give them 5-6 square meals a day and their moms aren't too far away, they're happier than pigs in shit. Welcome aboard, Luke.


I'm already beaten to near-death from the coverage of two things:

  1. The 2016 Presidential Election
  2. The recruiting process of Tate Martell

Small talk with this kid's dad must be a nightmare.

NEGATIVE CROOTIN'. People get really bent out of shape when news leaks about some NEGATIVE RECRUITING. Sure, sounds kind of slimy, but to me, it always paled in comparison to the cash payments, sexing, prostituting, empty promises, and whatnot. You know - POSITIVE CROOTIN'. Over at the mothership, Bud Elliot and Steven Godfrey take a look at what negative recruiting is really all about.

BIG BEISBOL KEEP ON TURNING, PROUD MARY KEEP ON BURNIN. The Ag baseball team made hasty work of Prairie View A&M last night with an 11-0 win.

Up next, the team is off to Pepperdine this weekend for a three game set. Pepperdine might be the most insanely beautiful campus I've ever seen:

Invite the Waves into the SEC, IMHO.