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The Daily Bull celebrates a pretty nice little weekend

"How did my stocks do?"
"uhhh, they all won."
"What about my options?"
"Well, you can stay in bed or you can get up."
--Montgomery Burns & Homer Simpson

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Not bad. Not bad. ESPN GameDay was in town for the huge showdown against SEC front-runner Kentucky on Saturday, and all the team did was pull out a win in OT in one of the best games of the season in front of an electric crowd that made Von Miller do some impromptu dancin'. That was the toughest bump on the home stretch of the schedule, so things are looking pretty good as of now. Stick around here for your latest bubble watch that has updated info following this week's action. The Ags reclaimed the "best in Texas" mantle according to the DMN which in college basketball is like having the best football team in the state of North Carolina. We'll take it.

Go to Nashville. Make it big. Coach Blair and the WBB team rolled into Vandy's home court and took care of business. Full recap on the way.

GUESS WHERE HOFSTRA IS BURIED...OLSEN FIELD THAT'S WHERE; MYSTERY SOLVED. BooM. The Ag Baseballers completed an opening-weekend sweep over Hofstra yesterday with a 5-0 win. Stick around for the full scoop. Busy day here bangin' out delicious #content for your consumption.

#LENTH #UPSIDE #HIPSNAP #MEASURABLES #MOTOR Does reading these words make your heart go a-flutter? Do you yearn for watching drills only marginally and tangentially-related to actual football just to calm those jitters? This is your week, because the NFL Combine is coming your way. And you bet we've got some Ags there. Get your fill of serious men in suits agonizing over big college students running around and jumping.