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FORE Play: Aggies playing pro golf this weekend

Scope out some Ags playing golf this weekend.

Pebble Beach - The True Mecca of Golf
Pebble Beach - The True Mecca of Golf
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Welcome to a new feature wherein we'll focus on the Aggies that are now playing on the PGA Tour.  As of January, we now have six Aggies with a PGA tour card.  So from time to time we'll check in to see how they're doing and let you know how you can follow their progress.  If possible, I'll try to spotlight each of these guys as we go, as well as share some interviews I may find.

Who's Playing This Week

Ryan Palmer

Bronson Burgoon

Shane Bertsch

Martin Piller

Where Are They Playing

At the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.  Television coverage is as follows:

Friday - The Golf Channel 2:00-5:00 CST (Replays on TGC at night)

Saturday - CBS 2:00-5:00 CST

Sunday - CBS 2:00-5:30 CST

Why You Should Watch

Many in the golf world consider The Masters at Augusta to be the mecca of pro-golf.  While I love the Masters, Pebble Beach is truly the pinnacle of beauty in the pro golfing world.  Situated along the coastline of the Monterey Peninsula, the views from the course are one of kind.  This is why someone invented HD TV, because the sky, the ocean, the rocks, and the golf course all create this amazing palette of colors.  Even if you don't like golf, tune in to see this course.  America has some awesome scenery, and this location would rank in the top five for me.

In addition, this is one of the few times you can see celeb's, sports stars, musicians, etc. hack it around the same course with the pro's.  Chris Berman resembles Grimace swinging a golf club.  And Bill Murray will surely be doing Bill Murray things this weekend.

The 19th Hole

Golf viewing is best enjoyed with a beverage.  At least for me.  So each week I'll let you know what to sip on while you watch.  California is wine country.  And Monterey is home to some great Chardonnay.  So kick back, pour a large glass of a nice Chardonnay from Big Sur, soak in the beautiful scenery, and crank your caucasity levels to 100.