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Daily Bull 2.11.16

"Well, the devil made me do it the first time
The second time I done it on my own
Lord, put a handle on a simple headed man
And help me leave that black rose alone."
- Billy Joe Shaver

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

AGGIE SPORTS STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. Oh dear god, y'all. Did you watch the Aggie hoops game last night? A ho-hum, lackluster effort from a team that should have the attitude of a desperate 38-year-old hen on a singles cruise. GOTTA CLOSE AND FIND LOVE AN SEC 'SHIP. The Ags lost 63-62 in Tuscaloosa in particularly deflating fashion - even for Aggies. After the majority of the aforementioned passive game, the Ags mounted a late surging comeback. Collins got to the stripe in the final seconds with the chance to sink two free throws. Make one, and tie, head to OT. Make both, race out of T-town with a W. Simple right? Nahsomuch. Mr. Automatic Collins missed both. Poor guy.

DON'T GET SKEERED NOW. Here's the deal though - the SEC is still wide open. LSU is next on Saturday. Win that puppy, and we might be able to recapture some of that mo'. No easy feat heading to Baton Rouge. Gig 'em, fellas.

PINKO COMMIE AG. Things remain childish and moronic on the Ag-Horn relations front. Burnt Orange Nation is lighting towers and hanging banners for getting some recruits. This is the COLD WAR, y'all. ChuckGBH and string did some sleuthing - ok, Wikipedia - on what it all MEANS.

SO LONG, CORCH HAGEN. Defensive tackles coach Mark Hagen is departing to coach at his alma mater - Indiana University. He will be the defensive line coach in Bloomington. I wouldn't worry too much about this departure. Chavis knows what he's doing especially with the defensive line. Best of luck back home, Coach H.