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Sean Porter takes to Twitter to talk A&M football culture

The former all-conference Aggie linebacker dished some taeks.

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Sean Porter is beloved here at GBH. During our site's inaugural year in 2012, a lot of cool shit happened. It was Year 1 in the SEC, Year 1 of Johnny and Sumlin, and every single fearful, tempered expectation for Aggie football was put to bed for at least a little while.

Porter anchored a defense that held its own in the Southeast Conference. The unit had virtually no depth, no huge 5-star recruits, and not much by way of flash. What they did have was an incredible work ethic, a deep love for one another, and a shitload of grit. Johnny stole the world's headlines in Tuscaloosa in 2012, but go back and watch that defensive performance. ALL BALLS. Porter was integral.

Sean Porter even took the time to do an interview with GBH leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft. Porter has battled some injuries in the league over the last few years, but was recently picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Porter got on Twitter yesterday to share the rest of the story regarding Kyle Allen's comments about the A&M football culture.

Enjoy, won't you?

I'm just picturing crazy ol' coot Joe Kines saying "If you scared holler 'red rock' and we'll get you outta there."

Gig 'em, Sean.