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Daily Bull 12.07.16 - Stickin' To Sports

because nothing else happened at all nope

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Texas A&M Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

"I knew that you were an Aggie, but you are not what I was expecting."

Those words were said to me by my future wife at the end of our first date. She did not mean it as an insult to me or to Texas A&M (in retrospect she might have been an Aggie herself given a few twists of fate), and I took it as neither. It was just an observation, an acknowledgement that there is a certain image of a person conjured up by the mention of most - if not all - schools.

These images are based on history, hearsay, anecdotes, and ubiquitous statewide jokes. The truth is that once a school hits a staggering mid-five-figure enrollment there are all types of people. Some have a proud history of 4H and livestock, some come from abroad because we seek the best and the brightest, some fall into the broad category of suburbia and worked hard to distinguish themselves among the herd. Still others have their own story if you take the time to hear it.

Aggies are a lot of different folks. But if they bust their asses they all end up with the same ring.

It would be silly to not acknowledge the largest media presence on the A&M campus since Johnny Manziel rode into the sunset. Acknowledging it is all we are going to do, though. If you feel compelled to talk about it, feel free. If you would rather the comments remain the last bastion of Aggie irreverence on the internet, please collapse threads and post gifs. Either way I am sure our little community will remain the relatively sane, welcoming place it has always been.

Be excellent to each other. Love you guys. Gig 'em.

YOU ARE MY ALL-GBH CREW. ALL OF YOU. It's the most wonderful time of the year: unnecessary awards and accolades season. The SEC coaches released their all-SEC team and the Aggies showed up well with three first-teamers - Garret, Kirk, and Gennesy - and Justin Evans on the second team. The SB Nation mothership also released their all-American team. Garrett was a no-brainer here, but Kirk also received votes.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU MAY HAVE BEEN HIRED BY BAYLOR YOU SHOULD CHECK ON THAT The Bears decided this week to get busy livin' as they went on an impressive hiring tear in the wake of [most recent horrible Baylor thing]. Yesterday's big news was the hiring of new head coach Matt Rhule, stealing him away from his recent contract extension at Temple and laying a whopping 7 year deal at his feet. This is the ultra-rare coaching hire that is agreed by almost everyone to be a big get.

Baylor also lured A&M #branding brainchild Jason Cook away to be their new VP of Division of Marketing and Communications. Leaving to get more money is simple enough, but being responsible for salvaging the smoking carcass of Baylor's #brand is the perfect job. If you fail, well what chance did you have in that catastrophe? But if you succeed, you are forever known as a miracle worker and you write your own check. Congrats, Jason, we wish you well. Gotta say, though - even Chet Norsworth thinks that job title is a bit overwrought.