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H&M And Cara Delevingne Celebrate Opening Of New Location At Westfield World Trade Center Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for H&M

Houston police are crediting a pair of freshman Aggie football players with helping to nab some car thieves at The Galleria on Tuesday. According to officers on the scene, two men dumped a stolen Jeep in the parking garage and took off on foot. Police lost sight of them, but Riley Anderson and Justice Bean had seen the culprits enter H&M. They pointed the cops in the right direction, which eventually led to the arrest of the thieves.

Anderson is an offensive lineman from Mineola, TX. Bean, a wide receiver, is not listed as a direct descendant of Judge Roy Bean, although he’s not not listed as one either. While both players are on the offensive side of the ball, they showed more instinct and pursuit ability in this incident than most of the defense has this season.

Watch for the 12th Man Productions buddy cop series “Pancake Justice” coming this summer. Reports did not indicate why the suspects chose to hide in an H&M store. Probably because it’s the last place a male policeman would willingly enter.