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Daily Bull 12.28.16 - Fightin' Kansas Aggies

probably why we call it a "wildcat" imho

It's game day folks. By this time tomorrow we will officially be in Aggie football off season. Sure, at one point this season we had Dom Perignon dreams for our post season, but tonight we will savor every last drop of this Houston-based box wine. There are some truly special players on this team whom you will never again see in maroon and white.

Y'all remember K-State? I may be dating myself a bit here, but I remember when A&M used to play KSU in conference games! What a world. Anywho, for all you new army folks out there who have no idea what old man winter is yelling about, here are a few fun facts about the Aggies (!) of Manhattan.

  • purple is KSU's only official color, presumably because they have not yet signed a sponsorship deal with Adidas to officially add white, silver, gray, gunmetal, dark gray, black, and slightly darker black
  • the Wildcats' home stadium is named Snyder Family Stadium, but there are plans in the near future to rename it God Please Come Back Again Field
  • the original name for attendees of Kansas State was "Aggies", but was changed to Wildcats after several hideous classmates were born with giant wildcat heads but human torsos and limbs
  • these grotesques were likely the result of the fact that KSU, like A&M, has a nuclear reactor on campus - we have had our share of freakish results as well
  • Kansas State's vet school uses waterbeds for horses because horses are the 1980's swingers of the animal kingdom
  • When driving from, say, Austin to Omaha, take a little detour west from highway 81 to Cawker City, KS to see the world's largest ball of twine. From there you are only a quick jaunt to a tiny, triangular park a couple miles outside of Lebanon, KS. There you will find a marker indicating the exact geographic center of the contiguous United States, which also makes a handy headstone when you are subsequently crushed by the weight of all of that 'Merica.