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Texas A&M Baseball Preseason Rankings

Because we all need a bit more to argue with that one coworker about anyway

Patrick Creighton

There are 58 short #DaysToAggieBaseball, which is basically forever. That means the big college baseball publications are beginning to release their sure-fire, totally legit, absolutely correct preseason rankings.

The Aggies had quite a season last year, winning the SEC Tournament after spending the majority of the season as one of the top two teams in the country. They also finally got to host a super regional, but we don’t need to get into that because I don’t want to ruin this fine Wednesday.

One of the things that helped the Ags maintain their stellar level of play was their veteran leadership. Unfortunately, almost all of 2016’s leaders have moved on to the pros. And before you look at how the media looks at the 2017 iteration of Texas Aggie Baseball, keep that in mind. This year’s team will be talented, as per usual, but the big college baseball sites likely won’t look at them as favorably as we’d all like. So play nice.

Or we could sick the guys from the Outdoors board on them. That works, too.

Collegiate Baseball Preseason Top 40

First up, we have Collegiate Baseball, who have the Aggies at No. 20. Given the general feeling of unfamiliarity surrounding this young team, this ranking seems fair, if not a bit high. It’s always assumed that the Aggies will pitch well (fingers crossed super hard, knock on like eight pieces of wood), but they’re replacing eight of nine offensive starters. We’ll see how many gallons of bubble soap Will Bolt has in store for the 2017 season.

2017 Collegiate Baseball Preseason Rankings

Rank Team (2016 Record)
Rank Team (2016 Record)
1 TCU (49-18)
2 LSU (45-21)
3 Florida (52-16)
4 South Carolina (46-18)
6 Vanderbilt (43-19)
20 Texas A&M (49-16)
22 Ole Miss (43-19)
23 Sam Houston St. (42-22)
26 Dallas Baptist (44-19)
27 Rice (38-24)
29 Texas Tech (47-20)
30 Texas (25-32) (because no preseason rankings are complete without Texas)

I’ll update this post as more rankings come out. Hopefully that helps us tolerate this last stretch of the offseason.