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Daily Bull 12.2.2016

Alabama v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

CONFERENCE TITLE ‘KEND. Jason Kirk guides you through the watchability of this weekend’s match ups. I think tonight’s Washington-Colorado game is going to be incredible. It’s being played at the San Francisco 49ers stadium and tickets are about as popular as a Bernie rally in College Station. Obviously the SEC can support having the championship in Atlanta every year. Our part of the country is insane about this sport and travels well. The Pac is more about convenience. They really should play this game on campus. Let the higher ranked team in the CFP host. In this instance, it’d be Washington. Can you imagine how WILD that stadium would be for this game? It’d be killer. Instead, we’ll see empty stadiums for the Pac and ACC... and I don’t think B1G will be jammed. Anyway, enjoy the games on the tube.

THREE MORE YEARS. Freshman hooper power forward Robert Williams is suddenly being projected as a first round draft pick in 2017. The sharps are taking notice. This team is big and tough up front. Hope they can turn that into a deep run this year. Gig ‘em, basketball.

CROOT HAPPENINS. Our man string lays out a bit of the cost/benefit game theory going on with Sumlin and the quarterback position. Is Jarrett Stidham worth the potential costs?

ALSO: blue chip linebacker Anthony Hines is scheduled to announce his commitment at noon today. He’s down to six schools: Florida, Penn State, Ohio State, UCLA, TCU... and A&M. Do we need linebackers? We don’t need linebackers. Do we? Nahhhhh...

Have a helluva weekend, you guys. Hugs.