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Texas A&M’s bowl uniforms are more Texan than yours

We heard Texas A&M was playing in the Texas Bowl in Texas so we gave Texas A&M Texas uniforms to play in the Texas Bowl in Texas.

Texas A&M is a school steeped in tradition and one of the newest traditions is innovative bowl game uniforms. With the Aggies staying in the Lone Star State to take on Kansas State in the Texas Bowl, Kevin Sumlin partnered with Adidas to create a uniquely Texan uniform, spending hours poring over every detail.

As is the case with most alternate uniforms, the helmet is the true showpiece. With the reign of bevel czar Jason Cook now at an end, the bevel is out and the t-star is in. And as we all know, the stars at night are big and bright (clap-clap-clap-clap) deep in the heart of Texas, so the star on the helmet glows. Due to previous functionality problems with reflective technology, this helmet features battery-powered LEDs that shine bright at any time of day.

Nothing is more Texan than Whataburger, and the Aggies have customized their helmets with special pride stickers. If you stand next to Myles Garrett, prepare to feel out-Whataburgered.

The chest wordmark has been modified to mimic the Texas Bowl logo.

The Aggies’ signature shoulder stripes have been modified to mimic a Texas flag pattern.

Thanks potential sponsor, Advocare.

The Texas flag motif continues onto the cleats, as well as a spray of bluebonnets, in their natural blue as well as the maroon variety created at Texas A&M and on display on the University of Texas campus.

Subtle touches include a sublimated Texas pattern in the jersey numbers and a map of Texas pattern on the pants. Each pair will be customized with the player’s hometown bolded in maroon lettering.

The uniform is topped off with a base layer featuring a multi-layer mural, celebrating all things Texas.

You can see 2013, 2014 and 2015 uniforms here.