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Daily Bull 11.7.16: Let’s win the dang football

Beat the hell out of Ole Miss.

Alabama v Mississippi Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images

It’s Monday, the weather is dreary, and we’re all trying to patch together a sense of meaning after what happened on Saturday. SPOILER: don’t waste your time. It’s football. Shit happens. A lot.

We need to pour those frustrations into pummeling the other team from Mississippi.

You think last week was bad? Imagine being an Ole Miss fan. September saw them lose close games to top-ten Bama and Florida State and blow out a ranked Georgia. Then October happened, and they lost three straight games to SEC West opponents. Sound familiar? Worse still, they lost star QB Chad Kelly for the season while eking out a win over Georgia Southern this past week. They’re in danger of missing a bowl game.

But should we show mercy? Hell no. Now is the time to atone for the 2014 home drubbing we endured in the SEC debut of New Kyle Field in front of a record crowd. And the 23-3 shitfest last year that was arguably the low point of the Spavital offensive era.

What this team needs is a win, and better yet, a win with emphasis. A win that doesn’t let up and makes a loud and ringing point. We’ll settle for any win really, but that would be nice. Do we deserve nice things? Probably not. But our players do, and by gawd we hope the coaches let them have it.


[P.S. - Red Cup Rebellion’s “Hate Week” is no longer a thing. Here is the post explaining why.]