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Mississippi State 35, Texas A&M 28: how awful was this game?

Extremely awful in many ways

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we got to feel what it was like to be in the playoff discussion. For a week. Then Aggie Football came out and did today what Aggie Football has done best all throughout history: implode dramatically upon itself in a game it had no business losing.


  • The French have dubbed our defense against MSU the Maginolia Line.
  • If poor strategy, preparation, execution, missed tackles, and general lack of effort is people, this game is China.
  • So-busy-tweeting-about-not-being-soft you-forget-how-to-hit-ass game.
  • The Aggies were presented with a lovely bed. Brand new. California King with satin sheets (800 thread count) and their choice of special partner in it waiting for them. Then, they got in and proceeded to shit everywhere and on everything.

  • This game exposed every flaw in our team.

1. Our offensive line is average.
2. No intermediate passing game.
3. Poor linebacker play and reliance on defensive backs to clean up.

  • That’s it. Just those things. Well, and maybe some others.

  • If Carrot Top developed a drive chart using 16 tabs of acid and a box of neon crayons, that would have improved this game.
  • Need a stop to save the season? Let noodle dick QB drag six guys into the end zone-ass game.
  • GRADES FOR THIS GAME: Christian Kirk, A. Everyone else, D+ at best.
  • Two one-play TD drive, giving up seven straight third down conversions in the second quarter-ass game.
  • Getting manhandled by a team that lost at home to South Alabama-ass game.
  • Sitting back and thinking “hmmm, what is the easiest play to tackle for loss in this situation to ensure we don’t get the one yard for first down” and then fucking doing that play-ass game.
  • Worse coordinating today than Dan Mullen’s shoe/khaki game.
  • This game gets in the express checkout line at the grocery store with 45 items in its basket and then proceeds to pay with a check after requesting 3 different kinds of cigarettes.
  • This game drives 40 mph solo in the HOV lane.
  • The replay of this game will be narrated by Larry Culpepper.
  • This game wasn’t even as good as the Big 12 game on at the same time.

How bad was this game for you?