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Daily Bull 11.4.16 - be interesting like Myles Garrett

Tennessee v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

JUST A COUPLE FELLAS TALKING SEC BALL. Chuck Hypno Toad gathered around some ferns with our Mississippi State buds at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls and talked tomorrow’s game. They swapped Q&A’s at GBH and FWTCBT.

WELL THANKS, JACKIE. Jackie Sherrill accepted an opportunity to go on the radio (knock me over with a feather) to talk Ag and Clanga ball. In an act of benevolence, Jackie praised the job Sumlin is doing. Winning over the good ol’ boys at A&M is no easy task. From my experience, the only things they care about are exotic game ranches and oil hedges. Oh, and winning ball games.

DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE AN AD? IT’S TRUE. All athletic directors seem somewhat mute compared to Bill Byrne. $ Bill loved a microphone and had a weekly publication of his own when newsletters were all the rage at Texas A&M. After Byrne, we had human Dewey Decimal System Eric Hyman running the show, saying nothing, and looking like he perpetually smelled a wet fart. Maybe his, maybe yours. We can’t be certain. Once Hyman left to eat away at your winter sweaters in storage, in came Scott Woodward from Washington. Early returns from Woodward are promising. We don’t hear from him much, which is kind of nice in many ways. He’s got a unique perspective with this Washington and A&M concurrent success, to be sure. He spoke about it this week.

WHEN MYLES TALKS, I LISTEN. I lament the fact that we don’t get the opportunity to know many of these college football players. Between the overprotective PR departments and programs, and the lazy and uninteresting journos, we don’t get many good insights into what these interesting young men are all about. Sam Khan gets another great look into the mind of the brilliant, unique, thoughtful Myles Garrett. Following this cat through his football and non-football career is going to be a treat.

Beat the Hell outta Clanga, you guys. Much love.