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The SEC West Wing - The Lost Pilot Episode

The SEC Network’s experimental dive into scripted programming had been all but lost ... until now.

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Most SEC fans know the story:

In the Fall of 2016, buoyed by the success of its individual teams, the SEC Network decided to make a bold play: they wanted to dabble in scripted television.

After countless brainstorms and creative meetings, they decided on a singular concept: The SEC West Wing. It never made it to air.

What happened between its ideation and now? The answers have been lost to the ages. For a long time, many believed that all evidence of this project had disappeared. Until now.

What follows is a rough cut of the proposed show’s theme song, as well as the script for the “teaser” that played immediately before it. Normally stories of “what could have been” are always more interesting than the final result, but the tales of Kevin, John, Nick, Joey Freshwater and the rest of the wacky SEC West crew will always be a point of mystery and speculation for the die-hard SEC fanatics.

The show begins bouncing from stadium to stadium, state to state, a brief glimpse into the lives of some of the biggest SEC coaches in the nation, delivering dialogue that only master writer Aaron Sorkin, trying to recapture his initial creative spark of late 90’s hit “The West Wing”, could deliver.

And that’s it.

That’s all we were able to uncover.

What if Nic Cage had played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings? What if Johnny Manziel had stayed an extra year in college? In the history of “what could have beens”, the possibilities and plots of The SEC West Wing ranks near the top for any true college football fan. It was gone before we knew to miss it.