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Daily Bull 11.3.16

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

CONGRATS TO THE CUBS AND SPORTS. It’s really easy to come up with some snarky, jaded ass take (my specialty!) about the Cubs and their fans what with their earth-encompassing bandwagon and navel gazing preciousness of reveling in sucking forever. I’m not going to go there today. Last night was incredible sports. I felt like a goddamn schoolboy again just mainlining the best reality drama on earth.

Growing up in Colorado, I didn’t have the Rockies until 1993, so I spent a lot of summers splayed out in front of WGN listening to Harry Caray sip his pops through afternoon Cubs games. I won’t pretend to be a fan because I’m not an opportunistic hack, but I’m happy for sports and my favorite city in the world.

Here’s a great ad from my favorite craft beer:

TAILGATIN’ IT WITH DEM BOYZ AND STINGRAY. The latest installment of THE TAILGATE dropped yesterday. Be sure to watch cup’s Hot Reelz. I can only assume the artistic process for him involves $13 Whole Foods ice cream sandwiches and huffing glue. Inspired!

HAIL TO THE CHIEFS! I’d vote for these adorable little scamps because what do I care.

LET’S CHILL? MAYBE? OK F IT. Everyone is pissin’ their britches about the ‘loff rankings and it’s hard to blame them. Point is, there is so much damn football left and our asses are going to be puckered more than once trying to pull out a W.

MY GOD WATCH OUT FOR THE TRAP. This here stat is alarming and staggering:

It’s been kind of a remarkable five years for Sumlin. So many massive road wins as against the spread (ATS) dogs. Now, this team needs to learn to beat the piss out of teams they’re supposed to beat. Look, I think we win Saturday, but here’s why it’s a trap (ESPECIALLY if you happen to gamble):

  1. Team has been told just how wonderful they are all week
  2. Lotta outside noise making January plans
  3. 11 AM road kickoff
  4. Opponent with a mobile quarterback and nothing to lose

The Ags have shown this year that physically, they’re finally not soft. Saturday is an opportunity to show that they’ve grown mental toughness. Our boy RSJ knows...