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The Daily Bull Welcomes #SECBasketballFever

embrace your new hopes

NCAA Basketball: Southern California at Texas A&M Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

NOVEMBER MEANS AGGIE HOOPS SEASON. Don’t despair too much, Aggie Basketball is here to build up your dreams anew. The team has come out pretty strong following a 2016 SEC regular season championship despite the loss of several key contributors. Billy K’s boys lost a nailbiter to a very good UCLA squad in the Wooden Championship over the weekend. (We prefer metal. More sturdy. Crazy West-Coasters.) But newcomer Robert Williams made a big splash, garnering SEC Freshman of the Week honors. Catch the #SECBasketballFever early and often this year. Next big game up is against #16 Arizona in Houston on December 17th. Lots of PAC-12 foes this year.

SOMETHING SOMETHING CHICKENS HATCHING. Coaching Carousel time of year is already bizarre enough, but now we’ve got hints, allegations, and rumours that some coaches are even playing the long con and anticipating December 2017 coaching moves.

We’ve also been told that Morris, 47, has a particular eye toward the Texas A&M job. With Kevin Sumlin entering a pressure-filled 2017, Morris perhaps believes he could be a de facto coach-in-waiting-at-an-AAC- school in the same way that Herman got from Houston to Texas by waiting an additional season.

This is the equivalent of the crootin’ sites profiling kids who’ve never even set foot in high school yet. Chill out. Lots can happen in a year. The same types of folks getting their knickers in a tizzy over Morris are the very ones who blasted Sumlin’s C-USA coaching pedigree. There’s still football being played for another 5-6 weeks, btw.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: site leadership is lobbying hard in the paint for a certain desirable bowl matchup using the finest weapons at our disposal: Saved By The Bell GIFs.