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HOT TAKES TRANSLATED: the best of Aggie Facebook post-LSU

Buckle in for a hell of a ride

Indonesia's Mount Merapi Spews Ash As It Roars Back To Life Following Earthquake Photo by Dimas Ardian/Getty Images

Here are some of the most molten scorchers from the Facebook postgame comments translated from “English” to Russian (tribute to Aggie architecture) to Turkish (Happy Thanksgiving!) and then back to English using Google Translate:


I can take Art Briles with me to church on Sunday and make him go to confession and ask for forgiveness and we can hire Briles! Sumlin's success at U of H was based off of Briles recruits anyway! Just sayin!


On Sunday you can take Church Art Briles with me and to force him to go to sin and ask for forgiveness, and we can rent Briles! H u, Sumlin's success was already off Briles soldier! Just saying it!

e.e. cummings-style

its not tonights loss that bothers me.

what i hate about our overall record is the losing to teams we have no business losing to.

what i hate about tonight is the fact the team didnt show up until the 4th quarter.

i've seen em lose

i've seen em win

and now i've seen em quit.

every november

for the past 4 years.


It did not bother me Tonights are lost. What we hate about our general record is that we have lost no business lost. What the hatred team today is not showing up in the 4th quarter. I saw EM lose I saw EM win And now I see EM coming out. Every year in November Last 4 years.

The Chris Peterson taek

I don't care about predictions I care about reality and the reality is that without Keenum and Manziel both of whom he inherited he has done nada but hire underperforming average assistants and run off good players who were committed. He does chew the hell out of gum and dresses well. The man cannot coach in the SEC. Bring on Chris Peterson.

OK yes

I do not mind the speculation of the truth, and the fact that he inherited, both without Keenum and Manziel, he did nada, but the remote assistants were processed good players inefficient middle and wash hire. That good chewing gum and dresses are going out. One person can not train the SEC. Get Chris Peterson.

Bill Byrne is that you?

We don't have the type of leadership, that builds championships. So tired of the same story. Time for a new coach. I've been a supporter of Sumlin, but not anymore.

Guys I think it is Bill Byrne.

We do not have the leadership type to build the championship. The same story is too tired. Time for a new coach. I, but not anymore, Sumlin was a supporter.

Berry good taek

the Aggies need to stay away from Tressel and kubiak and McDaniels. Would be stupid to leave their currant job

That’s how rumors get started.

Aggies must avoid Tressel and Kubiak and McDaniels. It would be foolish to leave her work grape vines

Not a film buff apparently:

Sumlin lost my vote to keep him two years ago when at preseason practice he calls off practice and takes the players to a movie. He doesn't want to be a leader but the players friend

Sounds pretty badass to me:

Sumlin pre-season practice, he refused to practice and when he bought the movie actors, he lost his voice two years ago to keep it. He is a leader and does not want to be other players

Tired, but not too tired to write a bunch.

tired of losing games we should be winning. We have way too much talent on this team just to get our asses COMPLETELY handed to us by an LSU team that has ONE good offensive threat and that's about it... and having a total down season. Tired of 5-0 6-0 starts just to finish weak as hell. We've spent too much damn money on this football program including coaching to be finishing sub-par EVERY season... it's absurd and unacceptable. Kevin Sumlin cannot beat teams evenly matched with us. Nor can he beat teams that are favored. The ONLY wins Kevin Sumlin seems to be able to get are when we completely 'out-talent' them... when we out-match them. Other than that you can put your $ on the other team. Kevin Sumlin road the coat tails of Johnny Manziel the 1st season... ever since then it's been excuse after excuse and it's getting old hearing them in press conferences underneath the rafters of Kyle Field.

“Johnny 1 season tails and rafters”

We are tired of losing the game we have to win. We have so much talent in this suit to get our FAMILY LSU team delivered just our ass is threatening us a good offensive and in this regard ... and with the general down season. 5-0, 6-0 start tired to finish just poor like hell. We spent a lot of money on that fucking football schedule, including the par coaching each season ... that's ridiculous and unacceptable finish. Kevin Sumlin can match the squad with equals to us. It is preferred that the teams can beat. Winner Kevin Sumlin is just the time when we compare them so we seem to be able to fully get the "out-of-capability" ... where. In addition, you can put $ on the other team. Kevin Sumlin has been on the road floor since this excuse became an excuse ... Menzel, Johnny 1 season tails and rafters are getting old to hear them at press conferences under Kyle Field.

That’s all for now, that last one broke Google. Add any good ones in the comments.