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Daily Bull 11.28.16: So you’re going to a Texas Bowl

It’s almost that time of year

NCAA Football: Kansas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


Hopefully the lethargy and bitterness of last Thursday’s game has dissipated from your life somewhat by now. The regular season’s pretty much over and there’s Christmas music every-dang-where and no, sorry, this is not going to be a FIRE SUMLIN blog. The Mississippi games were a big blow to our confidence, just like everyone else. But when 8-4 is a shitty year and there aren’t any viable better options out there, you may as well dance with who brung you, even if that dance is lurching and precarious at times. To quote Fred Dalton Thompson:

“Russian don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.”

[Soviet architecture joke here]

No, today is about the joy of bowling. Here is the consensus projection:

Texas Bowl vs. Kansas State (basically every single big outlet is predicting this but this link goes to the mothership xoxo Kirk)

OH NO NOT THE TEXAS BOWL AGAINST A BIG XII - II - II + II BDFLOLZZ TEAM. Too bad our brass exhausted all their ill-earned backroom chips avoiding Texas and Tech in this bowl over the last 2 seasons. No more aces in the hole and now we’ve got to face The Wizard’s music. He’ll somehow beat us with 3 pass completions, 5 turnovers and 2 blocked field goals returned for touchdowns. Everyone’s seat is ON FIRE and everyone on the roster who has ever played QB at any level transfers to play for Tom Herman.

CONVERSELY we descend on Houston in droves, have a whale of a party, and come away with a nice win over a team that just beat a team that just beat our rival business acquaintance for the first time in 8 decades. We remember how much fun bowl games can be, tailgating comfortably in our sprawling backyard, and enjoy the banter with the fine folks from Kansas State. We head into the offseason with nine wins and pleasant memories, everyone falls in love all over again after another top 10 recruiting class and by July everything is just peachy, right on schedule. Life is what you make of it. Make some Texas Bowl lemonade this December.