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LSU Tigers vs. Texas A&M Aggies: Thanksgiving Showdown

wake up from your food lethargy and watch some crazy football

Robert Seale/Getty Images

Last dance on Kyle Field
One more chance to seal the deal
I feel offseason creepin' on
And I'm tired of Coach Orgeron

Good evening, folks. If you've planned your respective smorgasbords accordingly, you should begin to slide from the precipice of that starch-and-protein-induced coma peak here in the next half hour or so. We need you animated for this game. Ambulatory is not required, but yelling from the couch is preferred. We haven't beaten this team since Tom Petty was singing this catchy number up top on the radio all the dang time.

This is it. The last show at Kyle Field for another nine months. It also feels like Coach Sumlin is playing for a lot more than pride. Whatever the case may be, if he's ever going to shake that LSU curse tonight is the absolute best time possible. So many postseason possibilities hinge on this game for both programs, and LSU has the wild card coach. Should make for fun TV.

Yell your ass off, find out which relatives truly love you, and enjoy this ride. Be righteous in the comments.

Gig 'Em!