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Daily Bull 11.17.16 - Hello #WT My Old Friend

It’s never good when you have to use logarithmic scale.

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NCAA Football: Mississippi at Texas A&M
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It’s mid-November, which in Texas means that shorts and flip flops are being exchanged for slightly denser shorts and slip-ons. It also means that Aggie football enthusiasm is plumbing new depths and GBH traffic is non-existent. I’m talking to myself right now, but that’s how I cope.

The Ags made a cameo appearance in the top 4 of the first CFP rankings this season. Then a loss to Mississippi State left us still in the top ten because of blackmail I assume. Another loss to Ole Miss has us teetering on the edge of being completely unranked.

Sometimes when people say that a team does exponentially worse from one week to another they are being hyperbolic. However, you could probably make it mathematically true that they are doing exponentially worse.

Let’s do that. Let’s explore this with maths.

Let n be the week, and f(n) be our rank. Starting with f(0) = 4 as our initial appearance in the rankings, our remaining rank becomes

f(n) = f(n-1) + 4(4.25^(n-1))

So where are we headed?

Oh dear.

Happy #ThursdayCurvesday (HT to whoever came up with that in the comments a few weeks ago), folks. Sorry you will be rooting for the lowest ranked team in the known universe by season’s end.