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Scattershooting Week 12

An update on Mike Gundy's mullet, Brent as a storyteller, and the roller coaster ride of A&M football.

I'm ready to get off now.
I'm ready to get off now.
Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Eric Bieniemy...

  • My greatest fear of riding a roller coaster is that the people in the very front car will get sick and throw up. And that blast of puke will hit the people behind them and cause them to throw up.  Eventually passing its way all through the entire chain of cars, to where the roller coaster eventually just turns into a 60 mph spiraling river of vomit.  That's sounds a lot like November Aggie football.  Enjoy The Ride!!  Try not to vomit on everyone!!
  • Mike Gundy's mullet is the one thing helping me keep my sanity the last few weeks.  Just look at it. It's majestic.  Beautiful.  And I know of only one way for this to all end.  Before Bedlam, Gundy needs to go all in on The Boz, and show up to Norman with shaved sides, colored with black and orange stripes, and frosty tips.
  • One of my new favorite things during the season is seeing Jimmy Gards slide into my DM's to discuss gambling lines on Thursday or Friday night. (And yes, we are 3-1 since making the call to fade U-Dub.)
  • This week in Crappy-MS-Paint:
  • After watching the first half of the SEC Network broadcast of the A&M game, I've decided I want Brent Musburger to read bed times stories to me every night.  Just me and Brent, alone in my bed, with him telling me about the time he won two grand betting the over on a 1984 Packers-Bears game.  Every story would start with "You're lookin' live at Shooter's bedroom...".  I guess maybe my wife could join us too.  But then it's just weird, right?  So I guess we better bring in Jesse Palmer too.  Just me, my wife, Brent, and Jesse all listening to Musburger's bed time stories.  The way my marriage was intended to be.
  • I realize the last two weeks have been a nut punch, but let's all grab the XL bottle of Pepto and digest these last two weeks of real live football before we crank up the histrionics of who is going to coach A&M moving forward.  Try your best to just enjoy these A&M football games.  This will be the final two games at Kyle Field for a lot of guys that have played their asses off for A&M.  There will be plenty of time to gnash teeth and rally around with pitchforks and torches once the season is over.  And remember, chaos can happen to any team, maybe ours will be the one to create it now.