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Daily Bull 11.10.16 - let’s talk some ball. Maybe?

Wofford v Mississippi'n

HEYO, GANG. What a week - No. 4 in the Playoff to a crushing upset to an election with a big upset to losing the starting QB for the season.

Life has taught me - very, very painfully - to understand what I can and cannot control. In the aforementioned examples, that should be glaringly apparent to you.

I’m thinkin’ jokes, football, and general tomdickery to give us some needed distraction.

HERBIE SAY IT AIN’T SO. Somehow the Ags are ranked No. 8 in the Playoff rankings this week after getting embarrassed in Starkville. Forgive the national guys like Kirk Herbstreit for being rather dismissive of the current status of Texas A&M football what with Knight donezo and the like. Here’s your opportunity, Hubenak. Go wild, ol buddy. I hope we see a team on Saturday night that plays with the same abandon, balls, and fun that Mississippi State shoved down our gullets on Saturday.

HAS SUMLIN TAKEN A&M AS FAR AS WE CAN GO. “For the Win” - whatever that is - examined how various coaches around the country are doing. Their assessment of Sumlin:

A week after crashing the top-four in the first College Football Playoff rankings of the season, Kevin Sumlin’s team could be headed for yet another disappointing finish. Texas A&M lost to a bad Mississippi State team last weekend and lost starting QB Trevor Knight for the remainder of the year in the process.

With a tricky road game against Ole Miss and a home game against surging LSU remaining on the schedule, a fifth-place finish in the SEC West is not out of the realm of possibility. If that happens, Sumlin could be in trouble. This is his fifth year at Texas A&M, and the team has gone backwards since that first year with Johnny Manziel under center. Sumlin may need to win out to avoid coaching on the hot season in 2017.

A little premature, perhaps, but there’s probably some truth in there. We’ll all be watching these next three games closely and hoping for a 3-0 finish. Concurrently, I’ll be watching how we get to whatever outcome lies ahead. Time to show some grit and give-a-damn. Again - I love Sumlin and think he’s our guy. I’m ride-or-die.

PULSE. Never has dogshit looked so theatrical. Not the production - the game.

Be excellent to each other today. And if you can’t stifle your compulsion to talk politics, take it somewhere else. Love y’all.