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Longhorns melt down over loss to OU, Aggie win, and Kirk Herbstreit

Texas Longhorns’ fans are melting down again.

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Christian Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The Longhorns achieved a rare triple meltdown on Saturday that lasted throughout most of the day. Here are some handpicked comments from ShaggyTexas, for your enjoyment.

Part 1: Kirk Herbstreit calls Austin a cesspool

$#@! Herbstreit

herbie going full retard

Herbie playing the crowd. He's a $#@! tho

$#@! off Corso

$#@! all these guys. Poor Mack Brown. Lot of pandering going on.

Herbie putting on the weight. Maybe he's on steroids for arthritis or something. Playing to the College Station crowd. What a suck up. He has some good points about BMD but grade the product on the field. It hasn't looked good in a long time and game time coaching and tackling are not the boosters' fault.

But once again, UT getting prime time at aggroid expense. Lulz.

This is such bull$#@!. When Alamaba was going from Franchione to Mike Price and "It's ROLLING baby!" we heard from all kinds of boosters and fans at Alabama. This is revisionist history.

What a bunch of horse$#@!. Yeah, poor Charlie Strong. Never had a chance in this cesspool. If only he wasn't the statistically worst coach in the 100+ year history of this football program. Just never got a fair shake of things here.

$#@! you Herbie.

And how do you follow that bitch fest by saying we are the fifth best team in the state since 2009? Isn't that Mack Brown and Charlie Strong's fault or is that the fault of boosters too? What absolute $#@!ing bull$#@!!!!

Aggy will know the meaning of sorrow today when Tenn beats the odds and wins the game.

Well the good thing about an aggy win would be the Sumlin contract extension that goes along with it or USC hiring him away at years end.

As far as Red McCombs, I think we all can agree that that mother $#@!er needs to have a heart attack.

What a piece of $#@! hit piece that was. Boosters and chat rooms didn't cause Mack to start losing football games, nor are they responsible for Charlie's struggles. Yes, Red McCombs is a racist piece of $#@!, but that is one guy, and every UT fan I know was livid at his comments. So, to sum up: $#@! Herbie.

They're both overrated as $#@! but one has to win. I think aggy meltdown comes after today but could start early if Butch Jones realizes these are $#@!ing aggy and suck $#@!.

Part 2: Oklahoma beats Texas 45-40

jesus. this D sucks good thing Mayfield does too

Strong's D looks a lot like Bedford's D

I love you, Charlie, and I really wanted you to succeed. But $#@! you.

Only way I want Charlie to finish the season is if Herman has agreed to become the next coach at seasons end. But $#@! this $#@! is a beating and beating anyone left on our schedule in a shoot out doesn't make me believe we won't see the same $#@! next season.

Call a cab for Charlie....tell Herman to put Houston on notice! $#@!

Has Malik Jefferson made a play all season? Dude is seriously overrated.

Just lock down Herman and $#@! everyone else. This is bull$#@!.

We couldn't get a stop even if they start tackling themselves

Jesus. that was retarded. that was just $#@!ing retarded... LOLOLOLOL

What an abortion. So humiliating.

0-14 when trailing at half...thanks Charlie.

Thanks for the recruits...gtfo

$#@! Mack. Charlie hasn't done $#@!, but Mack laid the groundwork for Charlie to then $#@! everything up.

John Mackovic just called. He said our defense sucks.

The big 12 is so $#@!ing $#@!ty this year. We should win this thing going away if we had competent coaches.

$#@!ingshitgoddammitalltohell. Well. He wasn't who I thought he was. Apparently, neither is Herman. We're $#@!ed.

Game management isn't the reason Charlie is going to get fired. He's going to be fired because his defense is hot $#@!ing garbage in year 3. Fans latch onto stupid $#@!.

4-8 is starting to look like a real possibility.

Part 3: Texas A&M beats Tennessee 45-38

I guess the retard fight will continue on to 2nd OT.

I feel an aggy TO here leading up to an easy Vol score.

$#@!ing ballgame. $#@!.

Good job you piece of $#@!

Wow $#@! you Tennessee you deserve to lose.

wow what a $#@!ty play.

$#@! your tennessee

Dobbs is a $#@!ing loser

$#@! aggy

Aggy needs double OT to beat a team that commits 7 turnovers? Seems legit.

Just kill me.

The fact that Trevor $#@!ing Knight can beat the sec just proves how overrated the sec is every $#@!ing year.

Sad part is they'll move up in rankings. They beat a team that needed miracles to win the games they have won. The fact you forced 7 turnovers and needed double ot to win a game at home, proof they aren't a top tier team. Wrecking crew allowed 650+yards keep saying Chavis is a savior. Roller coaster fall off will only be more glorious now. Alabama hangs 50 on them while allowing only 10

They gave up just about as many yards as we did today. Their defense wouldn't survive in the Big 12.

god damn it $#@! A&M and all their dumbass fans

Aggy will be on the receiving end of a Saban hate-stomp in Tuscy like they always have been and will be since the Johnny $#@!tard miracle. I hate Saban, but he hates losing (to inferiors). And he's proven that a couple of times making aggy the example. Aggy is always the example, and they always will be.