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Daily Bull 10.7.16 - soak it in

UCLA v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Gang, it’s here. Games like this are what we dreamed of when A&M shocked the world and joined the SEC. In his first four years, Sumlin has compiled many components of SEC talent. In Year 5, Sumlin has a real deal SEC team.

Love or hate the term, but tomorrow afternoon is the renowned Big Boy Football used to describe the best SEC match ups. A historical power is visiting College Station for the first time and the eyes of the college football world will be on the Cotton Bowl in Dallas our little sliver of East Texas. College Gameday, the CBS prime slot - the works, really. Full spread.

Do you realize Tennessee is traveling over 7,000 fans to this game? Tomorrow is another rite of passage for Texas A&M. We get to play host to one of the storied programs from across the division we don’t play too much.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for an early October ballgame. Both teams’ next game is Alabama. The winner asserts themselves as a legitimate threat to dethrone Alabama at the top of the Southeastern Conference.

At GBH, we often remind you that Football is Fun. Tomorrow at 2:30, you’re not going to be thinking about brands, or revenue, or who needs a game from a business perspective. No - you’re going to be wired and jacked up for college damn football. This is why we’re fans. This is why we trudge forward through the Fran years. This is why we don’t lose heart when everyone nationally is shitting on our program.

This is college football. I hope you love it.

Beat the hell outta Tennessee.

WWL PREDICTS THE GAME OK. Hey journos - I don’t care about your game picks until you start showing me betting stubs from Vegas where you put down a couple sawbucks. Anyway. Some ESPN people picked A&M. Some ESPN people picked Tennessee. I’m giving them pageviews.

COACH YESSIR TALKIN’ SHOP WITH CBS. I love this man. We are so so fortunate to have him at A&M. Sumlin spoke with CBS in prep for the game.

LEAVE THE COMEDY TO GALLAGHER. Look, journos - I don’t go to your press conferences and ask lazy questions, not bathe, and mail in articles so don’t come to Twitter and try to tell jokes.

And can the Eagle and every other newspaper on earth hire a cheap 14 year old coder to build them a website that doesn’t look like a dumpy Houston strip mall? Thanks.


No lie - I watched a highlight loop of Armani Watts this week 22 times straight. Let’s get lit.

Have a helluva weekend, Ags. I’m jacked to the tits.