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Daily Bull 10.3.16: This is a good 5-0

It feels different this year.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

WOOO 5-0. You know, we’ve been here before, for the last three seasons. But this somehow feels like a different 5-0. It feels somehow more earned. It doesn’t feel like any of our recent games hinged on a series of strokes of luck or errant play by the opponents. We don’t have to panic every time the offense fails to pick up a first down late in the game with a marginal lead to protect. And on Saturday, when the machine was sputtering in Columbia, I actually found myself thinking “hey, maybe the defense will get us a score to salt this away.” They didn’t, but they also didn’t let the game slip away like we’ve seen in recent years. More importantly, the defense is capable of anything this year. This is a different sort of 5-0, and it feels like a real 5-0. Saturday’s going to be a fun one.

TWEETCAP. The DMN gives us a pretty thorough recap of what various writers thought about the South Carolina game. BONUS: some pretty good tweets from Saturday too. Including this one.

DESTROYING THE BIG 12. Hey all you realignment buffs: it’s not enough for you that football’s in mid-swing, you’ve got to play imaginary college football dictator and shuffle around programs like game pieces on a RISK board. No, that’s OK. All part of the fun. EDSBS has gone ahead and absolutely obliterated the Big 12 with the most chaotic reshuffling of teams imaginable. Because it’s really no more implausible than any of the other thousand rumors out there on comment sections. Welcome, new SEC West foes Kansas Jayhawks!

Here is a Monday GIF for you.