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Daily Bull 10.27.16

National Championship - Oregon v Ohio State Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Back in my drankin’ days, the college football season was sometimes a trudge. Hitting the sauce with vigor and enthusiasm from Thursday night till Sunday week after week is no picnic. At some point, the ol’ wooden leg and leather liver hit a bit of a wall.

Reading the tea leaves this week, it seems everyone is a little hungover - literally, or at least metaphorically.

We’re on the heels of a tough loss in Satan’s crib. We’re limping our way into a match-up with Estado de Nuevo México Aggies and their renowned Dream Weaving Studies program. Everything is kind of listless.

We gotta rally fam. Think back to July - hotter than an SEC tart in a fur coat in Marfa. Not a damn thing on the teevee. You would have killed for this cooling weather and an upcoming night game at the Hate Barn.

When I’m feeling blue and resentful (often), I put pen to paper and write a gratitude list. Here’s mine today, I encourage you to write your own in the ‘mments:

  • Kevin Sumlin and his cool as hell resiliency
  • Our insane new stadium that got the proper christening and hate-ening it needed when we beat the hell outta Tennessee
  • The weather finally turning into something livable in Texas in late October
  • Fatty ass brisket
  • Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett
  • Thursday night football that can be gambled upon
  • Almost all of the GBH commenters
  • That feeling when you turn the car north onto Hwy 6 off of US 290 traveling from Houston to College Station
  • Trevor Knight - even when me makes me blurt more curse words in a five second span than he’s uttered in his entire life
  • Being a Top 10 team marching into November. Would you have taken THIS in July?

Time to puke out the lethargy, grab a vice, and rally up for some Texas Aggie motherscratchin’ football.

What are you grateful for?