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Let's discuss B1G rivalry trophies, Vegas spreads, and erotic late night Pac-12 action.

The B1G is the best conference for rivalry trophies.
The B1G is the best conference for rivalry trophies.
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Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Ahman Green...

  • Losing sucks.  It always will suck.  But some losses are easier to accept than others. It took me roughly 45 minutes to get over that loss on Saturday. Alabama is just a machine of a football program at this point. You have to be perfect to even have a chance, and we were not.  I know everyone is aware of how good Nick Saban is at his job.  But sometimes even the numbers are hard to imagine.  Going back to his first national championship at Alabama in 2009, his record is 94-10.  That spans 7 full seasons and 8 games this year already.  That is insane.  And its happening in arguably the toughest division, in the best conference in the nation.  Luckily, the schedule sets up well for the Aggies to play some really fun and meaningful games in November.  ETR!
  • For some last minute Halloween costumes, try to think of easy stuff.  For instance, to dress up like Mike Gundy you just need an orange visor, a mullet wig, and then lay in a tanning bed for 9.5 hours and drink Bud Lite Mixxtails all night.
  • The B1G Conference is unmatched when it comes to rivalry trophies.  You've got the the Old Brass Spittoon, the Old Oaken Bucket, and the Floyd of Rosedale.  This weekend, we're treated to the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry trophy, the Paul Bunyan Trophy. Which is not to be confused with my favorite B1G rivalry trophy, Paul Bunyan's Axe, which is incredibly fun because the game ends with several very large Midwestern lineman carrying around a 7 foot long gigantic axe.  But if you really like comedy, tune in this weekend to Nebraska-Wisconsin for the newest B1G Trophy, the $5 Bits of Broken Chair trophy.
  • This week in Crappy-MS-Paint:
  • I really got sucked into some wonderful Pac-12 late night football last Friday night with that Oregon-Cal game.  It is my true addiction in the fall.  Let's just say my desires, are unconventional.  The later the kickoff, the better.  I want to watch a Wazzu-Cal game that doesn't kickoff until 1 am while sitting around with no pants and a feather to tickle myself.  Wait...what?  No, you're weird.
  • Tom Herman shouldn't feel too bad.  That's not the first time someone's been beaten out of a few extra million by some guys from Highland Park.
  • As someone who likes to wager on college football, I fully understand that the odds makers in Vegas are right way more often than not.  But I always get amused when people pick a specific game (such as Alabama -18 vs A&M) to point out that Vegas "always knows".  Because I can also point to the Ohio State -17.5 line vs Penn State as a number they did not know.  Remember, its not important whether Vegas lays out a number close to the final spread, it just matters which side of it you're on.  Good luck and happy gambling to all of you fellow degenerates out there.